Horrorscopes is a variety show produced by Dame Dynamite Presents in ATX. Our mission is to combine astrology with surrealism and the dark side of the moon to create immersive, mystical, and sometimes unsettling performance art. Our event is hosted by the Highbrow Lowbrow Venue in ATX and we provide a curated bar as well as a Witches Market. This community event is 21+.

Who are the Artists? Our horrorlesque Cabaret carnival is committed to showcasing a rotating cast that will be decided through a submission-based process 12 weeks prior to the performance. We invite any artist to submit an absurdist, surrealist, decadent, occult, excessive, exotic, horror, classic horror trope, spooky, cosplay, unusual, fringe, or astrology themed performance piece. Any performance art (burlesque, drag, circus, sideshow, pole, fire, etc.) is welcome to apply as long as there is an absurd, dreamy, surrealistic, abstract, funky, offbeat, outlandish, or zodiac component to the work. 

How long does my act need to be?  Please do not submit anything longer than five minutes in length. If you would like to create an installation or living art concept that does not suit our stage parameters, please email for more information!

Do you allow fire performance? Yes, but you must include proof of insurance in your application form!

Do you allow aerial submissions? Yes! Based on the amount of aerial submissions, we can rent a rig or Xpole set up for aerial performances.

How do I keep in the loop for submission announcements and future shows? Join our email list or watch our Instagram and Facebook for social media announcements.