Take a walk on the dark side of the Zodiac with Dame Dynamite Presents: Horrorscopes! Featuring tantalizing local Austin performers, our immersive Cabaret is designed for the ultimate VIP experience. Presenting our artists in the round, this event is part spooky cocktail part, occult ritual, and part variety show. Each VIP table will be nestled in the center of the performance, requiring you to stay in your seat until each ritual is complete (of course there will be breaks in between to allow for Bar+Bathroom Visits). In addition to a front-row seat, you will have the privilege of Open Bar wristbands and unlimited choices of cocktails both alcoholic and nonalcoholic varieties. Each show will have slight variances and differences in offerings, you will never see the same Horrorscopes Cabaret twice.

 Located at the Highbrow Lowbrow Venue in East Austin, Dame Dynamite Presents is one of the only variety shows that hosts a rotating cast including fire, drag, aerial, sideshow and burlesque performances. Peruse our Horrorscopes Cabaret Witches Market featuring creatives and artists from our local magickal community. Win exclusive prizes at our raffle. Witness spooky sexy rituals and dark mysterious spells that will captivate your imagination for many moons to come.  Feast your eyes on our brightest celestial bodies and experience the wheel of the year like never before as we dance along the dark side of the moon.

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